CODENAME: Thunder 15
 August 4-5th 2018
@ Legacy Adventure Park

Lockport - Illinois
Near Chicago

Chiro Minigun photo ChiroMinirearweb.jpg

Long thought to be dead, Hector Chiro the ruthless leader of the Chiro Cartel out of Columbia, has resurfaced. Preliminary reports indicate that Chiro has begun a turf war with Zekirov and his Red Hand Syndicate over underground international drug and weapons sales. The CIA has reluctantly had to take a side in the conflict and has backed Zekirov and the Red Hand Syndicate, trying to rid the world of Hector Chiro once and for all. The Russians and the US have sent "Advisors" to back the Red Hand...

More INtel INcoming Soon....

Prepare to Be Blown Away...

Stay Tuned...

The Thunder returns...

The CODENAME: Thunder Series of Airsoft Events has had several story lines through its previous 14 years. Some involving ruthless druglord Hector Chiro and his Cartel, others involving The Red Hand, a commie group hellbent on returning the Kremlin-style communist doctrine to the world.

For the 15th year Thunder Event, we will be pulling out the stops to bring you an enjoyable experience, pulling elements that players liked and adding new ones.

This Two-Day event features:

Limited Admission
Command Structure to the Squad Level-
Timed Objectives
  Multiple scenarios-
Squad Based Missions-
Multiple Respawn Locations-
      Varied Special missions-
        Armored Assault VehicleS (TWO!)

New Props-
Smoke grenades-
Special weapons-
Night play-
  Food Concessions-
Saturday Night Players Party
Uniform Contest
      A dealers area filled with Airsoft products-
 Prize give-aways
And more!

Two Armored Vehicles!!

SLE has secured a sweet deal on BBs for purchase in advance or onsite during the event. (see crazy pre-purchase price below)

Walk Ons are Accepted at the Event!

There are a LIMITED Amount of Players . Register Early so YOU can be apart of the event everyone will be talking about!

Updated Rules, Surprises
 and more at the

Basic Rules / Uniform Requirements at the bottom of this page

Event Enlistment:

Enlist with the US / Allied Forces, to defeat the Chiro Cartel,
in their quest for Domination at the Midwest’s premier Airsoft event, CODENAME: Thunder XV

*First 50 players to register will receive a
FREE limited edition surprise!*

Enlistment Fees:

TWO Day Enlistment:
                 Recon Registration by May 31st 2018:  $75 per player (11:59pm 5-31-18 CST )
Early Registration by June 30th 2018:  $75 per player (11:59pm 6-30-18 CST)
Pre-Registration before July 25th 2018:  $75 per player (11:59pm 7-25-18 CST)
July 26th or later:  $80 per player

Online Registration is CLOSED
You can still register at the event
with Cash or Credit Card*!

2DAY Registration:

ONE DAY Enlistment:

One Day enlistment for Saturday or Sunday is $50*
One day enlistments do qualify for the prize raffle, but do count towards the 1st 50 registered players for the FREE gift.

You can Register at the Event with Credit Card or Cash!
ONline Registration Closed!!


ONline Registration Closed!
Register at the field


You can register at the event with Cash or Credit Card!

See event schedule for onsite registration times below

Travellers Discount
We are offering a traveler's discount for teams / players that travel 300+ miles of $5 off per player!
(Proof of address required, ID/mail with mapquest/mapping service print out of mileage -Discount given at the event)


Refunds are NOT available. If you cannot make the event, you are allowed to sell or transfer your ticket to another person, however BOTH of you need to contact the event staff to update the records/squad lists.

No Exceptions.

Event Questions / Message Boards

The official CODENAME: Thunder 15 Event Forums can be found at:

Thunder Twitter:
@ thunder_event

INstagram @codenamethunder

Talk about the upcoming event, ask questions in the public forums or talk to teammates, set strategy in the Private Red Hand / US Forces or Chiro Cartel Forums at the Facebook Page.
(Must be registered for both the event and Facebook
to access the Private Team Forums)



Tippmann Tactical


Classic Army

G&G Logo


 photo utg-logoweb_zps6b989def.jpg

Aggressive Paintball & Airsoft Chicago

Aggressive Paintball & Airsoft Chicago

Event Restrictions & Requirements

Safety Requirements:

FPS Limits
400fps with .20gram BBs

Sniper Class Weapons are 550fps with .20gram BBs 100 foot no shoot zone
DMR - permanently fixed semi only - 450fps - 50 foot no shoot zone

Eye Protection:
Over 18: Full-Seal ANZI-rated goggle with secure straps
*Full Face Protection RECOMMENDED
Event staff will determine goggle usability / ANZI rating
 Barrel-Blocking Device Required

Under 18yo MUST wear FULL Face Paintball / Airsoft Mask System that covers eyes, ears, nose and mouth

REQUIRED Gear / Equipment
All players are required to have the following:

(You will NOT be allowed on the field without these)

Watch or other time-keeping device- (10:30 objective. What time is it?)
Adequate water supply- Canteens / Camel Back
Good footwear / boots
Proper Clothing for the weather and your team uniform
Required Eye Protection
All Squad Leaders MUST have a Radio

Recommended Gear / Equipment:
All players are recommended to have the following:

Radio- for squad communications
Compass or GPS- for orienteering
First Aid Kit- just in case...
Car-battery adaptable battery charger for AEG batteries 
Notepad / Pencil

Uniform Requirements:

*Tactical gear SHOULD match your armies patterns. It is not required, but it will be a lot more fun for everyone, especially you, if it does. Expect to get shot, alot, by your own guys if it does not match your armies colors.

**ANY headgear worn MUST match your teams uniform requirements

***If during game play you get hot and remove any clothing, you MUST still meet your teams uniform requirements to be allowed on the field. (Ie take off your jacket, your shirt must be a color from your armies required uniform list) No Exceptions.

Chiro Cartel / Mercs

Army Digital
Desert (Any)
Tan / Khaki / Coyote Brown

*Chiro Cartel Forces can wear civilian clothing as long as it doesn't contain Green or have Green TacGear or headwear. You will be required to wear a colored armband*

Red Hand Syndicate /US Rangers / Allied Forces
US Woodland
Woodland Digi / Green Digital / Marpat
Russian (Green Based) Camo
British (Green Based)
Flecktarn (Green Based)
OD Green
other Green Based Camos

*Red Hand Forces can wear civilian clothing as long as it doesn't contain Tan or have Tan TacGear or headwear. You will be required to wear a Colored Armband*

Magazine / Ammo / GUN Rules and Restrictions:

*Each player is allowed One (1) high capacity magazine NOT exceeding 600 rounds on the playing field.

*Players may carry as many mid and/or low capacity magazines (non-winding) as you wish to carry.

*Magazines can be reloaded in the field, at team HQ or at the staging area.

HPA Guns MUST have a "Tournament Lock"

*Only one SAW or LMG will be allowed per squad (Approx 10 people)
 SAWs or LMG must be replicas of real world SAWs or LMGs
     (M60, M240, M249, RPK, RPD, etc.)

*No box, drum, or c-mags will be allowed on any AEG except those types of guns that are designated as either a SAW or LMG
    (Ak47, G36, M4s, and G3 etc AEG's will not qualify as LMG's)
   Final decision on what qualifies as an LMG will be left up to event staff.

*A maximum of two(2) box/drum/c-mag's or 5000 rounds of ammunition is allowed per SAW/LMG

*Magazines can be reloaded in the field, at team HQ or at the staging area.

**Referees will perform spot checks on players to ensure the mag restrictions are followed. Players caught breaking the restrictions will be ejected from play and their Army penalized 50 points per infraction**


All players must be twelve years old or older to participate and be able to prove it via a photo id, or other options depending on circumstance.

Players under eighteen years old are required to have a Summit Lake Entertainment AND CPX Sports Insurance Waiver signed, and notorized by their parent or legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your parents are dropping you off at the playing field, a notory public will be on-site to notorize your waiver forms free of charge.

SLE General Waiver    

So far Players / Teams have signed up from:


 Legacy Adventure Park
Lockport, Illinois

2807 Canal St
Lockport, Illinois 60441

Field INFO

Event Schedule:

Friday August 3rd:
Player campsite selection & Set-up 3pm
 Geo-Caching events & other shenanigans

7-9pm Registration

Saturday August 4th

7am -9am Registration / Sign-in / Chrono
(If you aren't signed in and your guns chronoed by 9:30am you WILL miss the first part of the game)
Expect some lines for sign-in and chrono. BE EARLY

9:30 to 10:00am Team / Commanders Meeting
10:15-10:45 Mandatory Safety Briefing
10:45 to 11:25 Commanders Lead Armies to their HQs
11:30am to 6pm  GAME ON!!*
*Game slows down between 2-4pm to allow a break if you desire**
6pm to 9pm Dinner Break
6pm to ??? Players Party
9pm-11pm Night OPs

Sunday August 5th

8am to 9am Registration / Sign-in / Chrono
New Players- If you aren't signed in and your guns chronoed by 9am you WILL miss the first part of the game.
 Expect some lines for sign-in and chrono. BE EARLY

9:00 to 9:30am Team / Commanders Meeting
9:45-10:15 Mandatory Safety Briefing
(For new players)
10:15 to 10:40 Commanders Lead Armies to their HQs
10:45am to 1:45pm  GAME ON!!
1:45pm Head to Staging area / Gear up for Final Battle
2:15 to 3pm Final Battle
3:45pm+ Awards Ceremony / Prize Giveaway

7pm After Event Party
(Details TBA)




Closed !!
Buy BBs at the event and pick them up onsite (shipping Not available)
Print out a copy of your receipt to pickup onsite

.28g G&G BIO BBs Pre-Order


New INtel coming
at the official Facebook Page


Updated Rules, Surprises & more at the

Questions? Ask us on Facebook!