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CODENAME: Thunder 15 August 4-5th 2018
Legacy Adventure Park
Lockport, Illinois
Chicago Area


CODENAME: Thunder is a series of Airsoft games produced by Summit Lake Entertainment. Held in the Midwest, CODENAME: Thunder has become one of the World's premier Airsoft events.

The Thunder Series have also been filmed with DVDs and internet "Webisodes" released detailing the exciting Airsoft action & storylines of the events. From here you can find info on the original Thunder Events I, II, III, & IV, watch the webisodes of Thunder II & III, buy the DVDs and get the latest intel on the upcoming CODENAME: Thunder XV.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a combat simulation game that is similar to paintball, but uses completely different equipment, and is much more realistic in its play and game style. Airsoft players usually use AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), that fire small plastic BBs at their opponents to eliminate them from the game. Other types of Airsoft guns can also be used including gas or CO2 powered or spring powered, that required the user to cock the gun to fire.

Airsoft is played on the honor system as the BBs do not leave a tell tale mark or paint. There are referees, O.C.s or other game officials to facilitate the safety, hit calling and operation of the game. Airsoft games or scenarios do not use "Capture the flag", but instead utilize a much more realistic scenario system. Prior to events players are organized into teams, armies or units, and given missions to complete or objectives to accomplish, while the other team must try to stop them, or complete different objectives of their own.

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CODENAME: Thunder XV August  4-5th 2018

Chicago Area
Legacy Adventure Park
Lockport, Illinois

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Summit Lake Entertainment, the premiere Airsoft event promoter and filmmaker in the Midwest, is proud to announce its “CODENAME: Thunder 15” Airsoft event, scheduled for August 4-5th 2018